5 Day Cruise for $500 w/ Unlimited Drinks (Yes, Adult Drinks)

Crucon is currently running a promotion on Celebrity cruises with steep discounts and packages that include an unlimited beverage package. Most people like to have a few drinks each day on a cruise, but the sheer cost often turns them off to the whole cruise experience. Depending on how much you like to drink on cruises, your bill can very quickly add up. And even if you just stick to soda, even that can get quite expensive, quite fast.

However Crucon is offering cruise packages that INCLUDE all drinks, and that includes alcoholic drinks. There’s a few different options to sort through, but the least expensive cruise can be had for just under $500. When you count in what the normal cost of drinks would be, you could be saving hundreds of dollars off of what you would have normally spent.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.12.38 PM

This is a quick turnaround on promotions, and expires June 6th. But it’s likely to be sold out before that. So if you’re interested in getting a less expensive cruise, plus want to take advantage of FREE drinks for the entire cruise, then check out some of the offers being promoted. There are a ton of different dates and locations however these promotions so tremendously fast and at best will only be around for a few days.

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