3 Credit Cards You Should Apply For Right Now

If you’ve followed my blog, online writing or social media, you know as much as I love to travel, perhaps I love traveling for free even more. If earned probably close to $50,000 in FREE travel in my lifetime using points, miles and other techniques. I’ve got three recommendations for credit cards that are currently offering excellent bonuses and benefits. Check them out below.


1. The Chase Sapphire Reserve

If you are involved or interested in getting involved in the points and miles game, this might be the best card ever offered. It comes with 100,000 bonus points, along with a flood of other perks. The annual fee is $450 which is not waived the first year. That will most likely scare off some people. However one of the benefits is a $300 travel credit off your statement through the end of 2016.

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So if you plan on spending $300 in total from now through the end of December on anything travel related, flights, hotels, taxi’s, etc, that will be erased from your bill. So that $450 fee turns into a $150 fee. I used 70,000 points to save over $6,000 on a first class ticket back from China. So those 100,000 points are tremendously valuable.


2. The Chase Sapphire Preferred

Historically my #1 recommendation for those looking to earn travel benefits, this card also uses Ultimate Rewards Points like the Sapphire Reserved. The bonus is 50,000 points and the bonus is only $95.¬†However that fee IS waived the first year, so it’s a perfect card for someone looking to just start out. I highly recommend this card for those new to the points and miles hobby.



3. The American Express Starwood Preferred Guest

While the bonus points on the SPG card are not as high as others, the points are tremendously valuable. Not only can you use them for SPG hotel properties, but you can transfer them to over 30 different airlines. You also receive a 25% bonus when you transfer at least 5,000. So 20,000 SPG points becomes 25,000 airline miles. I highly recommend this card as well.


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